How to make beer at home

Make BeerMaking your own beer is one of the most satisfying hobbies you can do, you get the satisfaction of learning something and putting it into place and then reaping the benefits of your efforts when you taste the fine beer that you have made yourself.

The simplest way to make beer is the purchase a Home Brew Kit, these kits contain everything you need to complete a batch of beer, which is usually around 6 Gallons or 23 Litres. You can find these kits at home brew specialty shops or sometimes at your local grocery store.

One of these kits will contain a can of beer concentrate (the main ingredients of beer), a number of bottles, dextrose (sugar), yeast (used to create the alcohol), a carboy (large plastic container with lid) and some other accessories like a spoon, airlock and tap for bottling.

The basic principle to make beer is to combine all the ingredients into the carboy and wait for the fermentation process to complete, once this is done you bottle the beer. Then you wait a while longer and your very own beer is ready to drink. The basic home brew kits make it very easy for you to get starting making your own beer and to get an idea of the whole process.

Once you have made a number of your own batches of beer you might decide to take the next step and move into the traditional method for making beer, which is to make the beer from the basic ingredients that go in to make up the beer concentrate. This is a much longer and time consuming approach, but it does have the benefit of giving you more control of the type and taste of the beer you make. Which is a much more desirable approach for the beer connoisseur. It is also not for the faint hearted.

As an alternative for those who don’t want to go into the traditional method of brewing, you can simply change or add to the ingredients in the basic home brew kit and make beer that is more suited to your own taste. For example you can choose a large number of different beer concentrate like Lager, Draught, Dark Ale. You can increase or decrease the alcohol content by changing the amount of dextrose you use; also choosing a different type of dextrose will give you a different result. And this is only the ingredients. There are also different methods for brewing and bottling or you could skip the use of bottles and use a keg system, although using a keg is moving into more advanced brewing techniques.

So there you have it, two methods for you to make beer at home that will only increase your knowledge of the finer arts of making beer and also your enjoyment of beer, which is the main purpose for you to make beer in the first place.

Micro Brew Tasting – Tips You Can Use

Micro Brew Tasting – Tips You Can Use

If you are headed on 1 of those micro brew beer-tasting events like 1 they’ve got coming up in Long Beach, acquire some notes. Or much better yet, print out this record of suggestions so you will get probably the most out from the expertise, possess a effective beer tasting, and appear like a pro within the procedure. Continue reading Micro Brew Tasting – Tips You Can Use

Why Your Home Brew Is Bad, Even When Your Still Brewing The Same Way

This one had me stumped for a long time, I have been a home brewer for a long time and had been using the Coopers Home Brew Kit I purchased from amazon when I noticed that my brews were starting to get a bad taste.

The first thing I thought was maybe I’m doing something different with my brew process that is introducing a funny taste to the brew. So I checked everything, gave all my brewing equipment a thorough clean, bought a new bottle brush to make sure the bottles were getting a good clean and then I made another brew. I also reviewed my whole brewing process and checked the notes that I had written about previous brews. Everything was the same, but this brew also ended up having a bad taste and no head. I really had no idea.

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Start Home Brewing in the New Year

For many of us the new year makes us think of what we can do to improve our health, lose those extra pounds we gained over Christmas or perhaps change jobs, but for me it is to make even more great beer and to continue in my search to find that ultimate home brew. I am after all, a lover of beer and making my own beer at home.

If you are thinking about what you would like to add to your list of new years resolutions then I suggest you add ‘make beer‘ to that list right at the very top. Unless you are already a fellow home brewer I recommend becoming a home brewer, not just as a means to brew beer, but as a hobby and a way to save yourself money on beer.

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Home Brew Kit – Coopers

Coopers Home Brew KitsThe Coopers Brewing company has done a really great job of putting together a basic home brewing kit that is great for the beginner or experienced brewer who doesn’t have a desire to have one of the more complicated home brew setups that you can find at your local home brew store. Each Coopers Home Brew Kit comes with everything you need to get started making your own beer at home, including a step by step DVD that shows you all the steps you need to make your very own home brewed beer.
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Add Flavour To Your Home Brew With Finishing Hops

After home brewing for a while I decided that I wanted to add more taste to the beer I was making, I have drunk a lot of premium beers such as Heineken in the past and wanted to achieve the same flavor. The taste I am talking about is the hop flavor you can taste that distinguishes Heineken from other domestic beers.

To achieve a similar taste I found out that by adding hops to my brew I could add this flavor to my home brew and the easiest way to do this by far is by using Finishing Hops. You can purchase Finishing Hops in a teabag like sachet and then add them to your wort.

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How to Fix Common Beginner Home Brew Mistakes

I know from experience that it can be quite easy to make the common home brew mistakes when you are making beer and the problem is usually from lack of information, lack of patience or not taking care when following the homebrew steps.

To begin fixing these mistakes you need to get all the information you need and the first place to start is with the home brew instructions that come with the home brew kit or brew pack. The information contained in these instructions is usually enough to make an okay tasting beer when followed correctly, but not enough to make a great tasting beer. So to accompany this information you really need to seek out more information on the finer points of home brewing like different yeast types. The best place to find this information is in a Beer Brewing Guide such as Beer Brewing Made Easy. I recommend this guide to any home brewer, it has the answers to all of the common home brew mistakes you will come across and much more. Beer Brewing Made Easy

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